• Elle Auteur Publishing
    A novel by Priscilla Law
    Full-Circle Sin
    "This thriller had me deeply immersed in
    the story from beginning to the end with
    it's unpredictable twists and cliff-hangers."
  • Full-Circle Sin
    By Priscilla Law
    They are fondly known throughout Chicago's social
    scene as the Quad. All born into a life of privilege:
    They are handsome, charismatic, successful and well
    connected. Though only friends, the Quad are closer
    than any brothers could ever hope to be. Their paths
    would take one on to becoming a high-powered

Genre: Suspense/Thriller
ISBN-13: 978-0-615-41244-3
Publisher: ElleAuteur Publishing
Publication Date: October 2011

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Life cannot defeat a writer who is in love with writing; for life itself is a writer’s love until death"... Edna Ferber 1887-1968

"Brother's Lust"

A new and thrilling story by Priscilla Law. Coming soon.


Clem stares at Jessica in sheer admiration as she strolls down the aisle to take his name in holy matrimony. His heart aches with a jealousy he finds painful to control. He prays that what he’s feeling in his heart is not revealed on his face. He has fantasized about the day that Jessica would take his name, but never dreamt that she would be taking it from his brother instead. Brother’s Lust is about a man tightroping on a very thin line between love and lust and the endless measures he goes through to satisfy his uncontrollable need to conquer a woman whom he knows he lust for but is uncertain if he truly loves.

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When her busy schedule permits, Priscilla loves attending book festivals and events promoting the literary arts. "With such a vast and beautiful array of talented writers, I find great joy in meeting and consorting with these like-minded people; those whom also possess a great passion for the written word."

  • Book Signing Event - McCrays Tavern, Atlanta (Vinings), GA

    January 2012
  • Book Signing Event - Decatur Book Festival - Decatur, GA

    August 2012

"Full-Circle Sin" by Priscilla Law

"Full Circle-Sin is one of those books that captured me from the very beginning. This author is EXCEPTIONALLY talented. I expect to see big things from her in the future."